Introducing Our New Product Line Up

Original Post Dated: 01.16.2019 by Bob Calco

Drum Roll, Please …

As followers of this blog are well-aware, we’ve been in a bit of an R&D mode for some time now. We have been seeking the right combination of feature purpose and vision to power a product line that we believe is true to who we are and at the same time capable of delivering real market value.

We are at a point now where the light at the end of our tunnel-vision is signaling a new season for us. We are excited and confident that our release strategy for harmonizing the products we’ve been working on will bring real value to our customers.

Going forward, we are focusing exclusively on our interoperability vision through Apex Unfiy!™, but with a twist: We now plan to offer a bundled desktop version to the consumer market – basically, “Unify! in a box” – under the trademark Apex DomainMaster™.

Where does this leave Apex Athena, Muse, Perseus and the other cast of Greek characters we’ve been alluding to in our past posts and site pages, you wonder?

The answer is: Exactly where they have always been, in the middle of both Unify! and DomainMaster. We realized, the more we iterated toward a standalone release of Athena and Muse, that the highest best use of these runtimes is in the service of the interoperability mission of our company and its products. We live in the Cambrian explosion of new languages, and rather than compete against other general-purpose languages for developer attention we decided simply to put them to domain-specific use.

While we will of course still offer SDK’s for tech partners and enterprise customers of Unify!, the idea of maintaining general-purpose language runtimes when our mission is not so general purpose no longer makes business sense. Rather, they will be bundled and available for use through Apex DomainMaster (and Unify!) to support a wide variety of business and consumer uses.

Because our domain, and therefore our business, is interoperability, we have developed a complimentary set of technologies including the Athena, Muse and Zeus runtimes. We created these for many reasons, but the upshot is, users of our interoperability-related technologies will have a buffet of mostly-familiar language choices to extend our products with scripting in ways that we believe will speed up implementation efforts.

So What, Exactly, is “DomainMaster”?

DomainMaster is all about bringing enterprise Linked Data to the Desktop. DomainMaster offers the desktop databasing autonomy of MS Access, without the linked or shared data limitations. Linked Data, a.k.a., “the Semantic Web,” is a set of technologies that are still largely unknown and inaccessible to “mere mortals.” Existing tools for consumer database development are in the Dark Ages, comparatively speaking, relative to the data architecture powering distributed enterprise systems on which so much of our personal data resides.

But the tools used by the modern enterprise for Linked Data are extremely complex and expensive to use. So, somewhere between something as easy and inexpensive as Access used by small businesses, and as complex and costly as data governance tools used by high-end data architects, we believe there is a gap, and more importantly a consumer and enterprise need, that DomainMaster is designed to fill.

DomainMaster isn’t just about Linked Data itself, but rather Linked Data in the service of data interoperability as an ongoing, operational and practical concern. Toward this end we have found what we believe is a novel use of our patent pending blockchain technology, one that flips conventional wisdom on its head. DomainMaster’s use of Apex’s flavor of blockchain will make it a kind of “Napster” for data, where users are in control of who sees their information and the distinction between desktop and cloud is finally debunked.

The “cloud” has only ever been “other people’s machines” and the case for abandoning the desktop has been deeply disingenuous from the point of view of the Internet. Sure, there is a good business case for renting a slice of other people’s data centers–but it’s overblown given the sheer power accessible to Everyman on the modern desktop. Vast amounts of data and processing power are largely untapped by most consumers who buy a high-end laptop nowadays, machines that can certainly ensure they have autonomy over their own information.

You truly are ““master of your domain”” with this innovative new offering, putting the full power of our enterprise Unify! platform in the hands of mere mortals (ahem) – democratizing them even before they take hold in the enterprise in bottom-up vs. top-down fashion. You know, the way the Web was supposed to work…

And Now A Word from Our Forecasters & Soothsayers…

So when will this be ready, you ask? Our first release is targeting May 2019. We have yet to redo our website and create the customer portal, Apex Agora, to take orders, but as soon as that is done we’ll be making Apex DomainMaster available for download and purchase. For details, please see DomainMaster’s new product page.