Apex Presents at Clojure/West Conference

What do Alfred North Whitehead, Charles Sanders Pierce, and John Dewey all have in common? Why, Datomic, of course!

In this talk we explore the interesting interplay between process and reality, between representation and signification, between mere data and actionable knowledge, from a distinctly Datomic-centric point of view.

It turns out Datomic metaphysics is deep and the better you understand it, and really grok that everything, even schema, is data, the more real-world and robust your solutions will be. How you think about the problem IS almost always the real problem, and Datomic can free you from a number of bone-headed ways the world, and in particular SQL, has taught you to think about data.

Bob is Chief Architect at Apex Data Solutions, LLC. Bob is a seasoned enterprise architect and a proven software innovator with over 20 years of healthcare, financial services and retail industry experience. An inveterate polyglot, he’s also world-traveled enough to realize that the recent Cambrian explosion of computer programming languages belies the fact that there really is only one true programming language to which all others owe their DNA — namely, Lisp, which will outlast them all in some mutated form or another, because MACROS.

In the following video Bob waxes eloquent about the power of “schema as just data” for empowering new systems based on a more real-world approach to information modeling.