Apex to demo the VistA.js platform to OSEHRA Work Group

Tampa, Fl. (September 6, 2016) Apex Data Solutions, a pioneer and leader in enterprise architecture, interoperable platforms, point-of-service data capture, data management, and federation solutions, today announced its VistA.js OSEHRA Workgroup will be providing a demo of the VistA.js platform during its next Workgroup meeting. These meetings are normally held for only workgroup members but they are opening this meeting to everyone interested in viewing this demo.

“Work Group members and open source community members have expressed significant interest in seeing this product in action, so we are excited to provide this demo.” said Workgroup Chair, Guy Esten, Director, Portfolio Management & Open Source at Apex Data Solutions.

For those interested in joining the meeting, Apex has posted a link down below, this meeting link will be essential for viewing the demo and interacting on the conference call. This set-up takes only a few moments but please plan ahead for VOIP participation as the telephony voice method will have limited value.

VistA.js OSEHRA Workgroup – Demo

When: Tue Sep 13, 2016 3pm – 4pm Eastern Standard Time

Phone: 1-813-769-0500

Conf ID: 529-524-393

Web session: https://join.me/vsa-vistajs

About the VistA js Work Group

The mission of the VistA js Work Group is to establish an Open Source community focused on enterprise architecture platforms and point-of-service data reconciliation, developing future-proof solutions that transform the raw digital data collected during provider-customer encounters into structured, usable data that materially enhances future interactions.  Established around the VistA js product delivered as Open Source under the Apache License Version 2.0, this work group will provide guidance for the enhancement and evolution not only of VistA js, but also of the concepts of data federation and data democratization embodied in the VistA js product.