Products Overview

Products Overview

Apex Olympos™

Olympos – our platform for rapid, agile development in a microservices-oriented world – brings your data systems and legacy applications into the 21st century by modernizing your architecture to current enterprise standards. Apex Athena, Apex Muse, Apex Perseus and other embeddable and extensible components of Olympos make legacy application modernization and adoption of modern agile development practices easier than ever, without losing ROI in existing business logic or code. Olympos is built into both Unify! and DomainMaster, but available separately for organizations and domains that don’t require data interoperability or aren’t yet architecturally ready to attempt it successfully.

Apex DomainMaster™

A desktop “all-in-one” version of our enterprise Unify! platform, DomainMaster aims to democratize both linked data and blockchain on the desktop with a unique multi-paradigm database management system capable of great things. It provides convenient desktop tooling to make it an ideal entry point to building solutions targeting the Unify! platform. It also includes a bundled edition of Apex Olympos, so you also get the benefits of a powerful micro services foundation for any domain-specific project as well as the benefits of a marriage between blockchain and linked data.

Apex Unify!™

A set of tools, techniques and methods for semantic interoperability designed to overcome traditional technical and political problems by making data synchronization and sharing part of the woodwork of things. Adding Big Data and Interop Services to the canonical 5-layer enterprise architecture stack, Apex Unify!™ brings disparate IT systems into alignment with a shared concept of truth over time that brings many desired and unforeseen benefits. It is a platform, not a product in the traditional sense, consisting of several game-changing technologies, each of which are useful in their own right, but which together helps you tackle the hardest problems.