Apex Synchronicity™

Apex Synchronicity™

Keep Your Disparate IT Systems in Sync, in Near Real-Time, All the Time.

Apex Synchronicity is like an enterprise message broker, but with a singular focus on propagating truth to otherwise disparate IT systems. In other words, it is about keeping systems up to date, not merely enabling them to send messages to each other. This is an important distinction.

With Synchronicity, your organization can define a “language of the domain” and use this, with ForeverDB, to define a single, shared source of truth suitable for defining the universe of known entities and their state at any point in time.

Therefore, Synchronicity makes it possible to “rewind” to a last known good state, and then ensure each target IT system is aligned with that truth at that point in time. There has never been a good way to do this until now.


  • Adapter framework for creating read and write services for semantic alignment of disparate IT systems.
  • Fine-grained control over what data is shared across which systems, customizable to the needs of each system.
  • Powerful data transformation primitives to leverage the fact-oriented nature of data in ForeverDB to achieve semantic alignment, as much as is possible for a given system of record.


  • Makes interoperability more of a part of the woodwork of things instead of a complex messaging problem with infinite permutations of possible points of failure.
  • Provides a mechanism for dealing with lack of data standardization that is easy to deploy and manage.
  • Sleuthing failures is straightforward and compensating for errors can be automated in data flow orchestrations that are highly data driven and customizable.