The Apex Approach


OlymposTM – our platform for rapid, agile development in a microservices-oriented world – brings your data systems and legacy applications into the 21st century by modernizing your architecture to current enterprise standards.

  • Transform client-server systems into n-tier distributed systems with maximum re-use of existing code and business logic quickly with proven tools, techniques and methods for legacy application modernization.
  • Lay the correct foundation for more advanced data sharing and collaboration with Olympos for an approach to interoperability that is both robust and reliable.

OlymposTM isn’t just a product in the traditional sense. It’s is a collection of tools, techniques and methods for evolving IT infrastructure in the least disruptive, most value-added way.

OlymposTM  uses our innovative technologies to assist developers in modernizing their legacy systems by:

What’s Next?

OlymposTM  is just the beginning of the implementation of The Apex Approach to interoperability and modernizing database management for the 21st century. It is the building block upon which our groundbreaking commercial “desktop” database management system, DomainMasterTM, and our full-stack distributed platform for semantic interoperability, Unify!TM.

DomainMasterTM , using the foundation laid by Olympos, will make it possible to synchronize domain data across systems of record, even across organizational boundaries, in ways that a few years ago seemed impossible.

Unify!TM is based on the idea of aligning systems with a single source of truth, which involves using our patent-pending method for constructing such a thing from known truth, and then ensuring change is managed in a consistent, straightforward way over time.

To learn more about our plans regarding DomainMasterTM and Unify!TM, please go to our Products Roadmap.