Medication Reconciliation

Saving Patient Lives and Preventing Future Tragedies

As part of our work with the VA we showed how business logic in the medication reconciliation domain can be customized locally while sharing a common view of prescriptions across multiple facilities and practices that take care of a patient. We demonstrated the ability to: (i) collect Patient information from different hospitals operating different electronic health record platforms, (ii) reconciliation of that patient information at the point of care and (iii) write-back to the affected systems of record with any updates or changes made at the point care. Our previous success highlights how the MedRec application can be used to track scenarios where a patient is subtly abusing opioid prescriptions circumventing clinical oversight by getting multiple prescriptions filled at different hospitals.

As part of our current MedRec use case, Apex is generalizing its MedRec clinical application to work in tandem with our DomainMasterTM and Unify!TM technologies.


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