Provider Data Management

An Elusive (and Expensive) Problem in Healthcare

We view the current challenges associated with Provider Data Management as simply one branch on the larger interoperability tree. Rather than customize a singular approach to this one aspect of interoperability, Apex has taken a more comprehensive architectural and technical approach which aims to address not only the challenges associated Provider Data Management, but that also offers a unified way forward to solving the broader array of interoperability barriers confronting healthcare systems and enterprises at large.

Using blockchain technology in a distinctly different manner than most current efforts, Apex is pioneering a capability to enable enterprises to collect, reconcile and propagate updated information pertaining to their network Providers in near real-time. With our ability to unobtrusively update affected systems of record in near-real time, accuracy rates can be improved significantly while lowering overall costs associated with data collection and aggregation. In addition, with more accurate Provider data, healthcare enterprises will be better empowered to reduce their costs associated with fraud, waste and abuse significantly.

Our soon to be unveiled work will demonstrate a new approach for the industry to better manage the accuracy of Provider Directory data across multiple internal business lines in enterprise environments that are currently fragmented, thereby easing the administrative burden of providing synchronized provider information across the organization.

Our current prototype includes several million unique Provider identities, both individual and group practices.


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