What is old is new again! Easily transform your desktop data silos into full-fledged cloud-ready microservices-based on Linked Data technologies that simplify enterprise integration and facilitate data interoperability.

It starts with AcceλerateTM helping you to transform legacy desktop data silos into modern, micro-services-based, semantically rich “systems of record” based on established Linked Data standards. It continues with DomainMasterTM and Unify! enabling you to experience true data interoperability at scale based on a unique blockchain-enabled architectural approach.

Acceλerate to Unify!

Acceλerate , is a desktop application intended to support legacy application modernization, especially “data silos” like those found in Microsoft Office apps – which are at the intersection of linked data, the web, and legacy application modernization. The application “accelerates” the long-awaited mass adoption of the Semantic Web by turning these ubiquitous user-centric technologies and the data silos they create into fountains of semantically rich information and metadata in support of generalized data interoperability.

What’s Next?

Acceλerate is the first in a series of three technologies designed to translate “data interoperability” concepts into real enterprise capabilities. DomainMaster builds on Acceλerate’s linked data microservices architecture to implement a full “round-trip” paradigm for data interoperability, building a single source of truth suitable for downstream data alignment. Unify! is a scalable distributed enterprise version of DomainMaster that can run at a data center or on the cloud.