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Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Awards Contract to Apex Data Solutions, LLC to Advance Apex’s Provider Directory Data Management and Interoperability Efforts

Apex has been awarded a sole source firm fixed price contract from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) National Institute of Artificial Intelligence (NAII) to expand on Apex’s successful NAII 2021 AI Tech Sprint Use Case: Provider Directory Interoperability.

On September 14, 2022, Bob Calco presented as part of the CODE Presents Webinar Series: The CODE Lisperer’s Guide to .NET Integration with Microsoft 365

There are many ways to integrate custom code into Microsoft Office/365, but none provide the raw power, code simplicity, developer reach, or rapid development benefits of combining a proper Lisp with the Common Language Runtime (CLR). In this webinar we will explore several examples of both Scheme and Clojure as proper Lisps powering Microsoft 365 from the inside-out—on top of the .NET runtime. Bob Calco, Chief Architect & Lead Developer at Apex Data Solutions, LLC, will give a sneak preview of features from the upcoming Professional Edition of Acceλerate for Microsoft 365, which will change how you think about “upsizing” and modernizing Office solutions to the cloud.

Watch the recorded session: The Code Lisperer’s Guide to .NET Integration with Microsoft 365

Apex’s Bob Calco Presents at VA’s National Artifical Intelligence Institute BRAIN Summit

Apex’s Bob Calco, Chief Architect & Co-Founder, had the honor of speaking at the VA’s National Artificial Intelligence Institute BRAIN Summit held on September 7 -9, 2022, participating in two panel discussions and presenting a more in depth discussion on using blockchain technology for true data interoperability.

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