Decentralized Information Sharing and Workflow Collaboration for the Desktop.

Apex’s patented1 DomainMasterTM technology uses its one-of-its-kind database management system to provide a new information model designed to capture the dimensions of time and truth in a distributed transaction capability built from the ground up for semantic interoperability. Translated, this means that sharing a source of truth about which everyone can reason at any transaction point in time has never been easier. DomainMaster makes it possible to synchronize domain data across systems of record, even across organizational boundaries, in ways that a few years ago seemed impossible.

Take a dip in your own virtual private “data lake” – although we prefer the metaphor of a digital river – mainly because the information is always moving and ever-changing. You’ve truly never experienced anything quite like swimming in raw data and experimenting with its many different “shapes” until the right way to organize it for your needs emerges over time simply from using it. DomainMaster’s “Domain Explorer” is a uniquely productive way to go from raw data to business-critical domain knowledge in the fewest possible steps. Use scripting, SQL and SPARQL together interactively to move mountains of information with unparalleled ease and confidence!

Blockchain isn’t just for bitcoin or cryptocurrency! DomainMaster uses it to make sharing data over ad hoc networks a breeze, with strong guarantees that everyone’s copy of the data is complete and uncorrupted. The immutable nature of blockchain data is an integral aspect of DomainMaster’s information model, with great auditing and reporting features that seem magical compared to conventional database management systems. Use long-term storage to maintain a single source of truth and powerful reports you can rely on every day!

Sharing data means continually refining and vetting new information. With DomainMaster, arbitrarily complex and completely decentralized workflows can be created to manage data reconciliation. Corrected information propagates according to the same unidirectional data flow as any other novelty that enters the system, providing assurances that errors are caught before they can update systems of record. At the very least, the manner in which error entered the system can be audited and workflows adapted over time to improve overall accuracy.

Iterative domain design with an interactive ETL tool that lets you “swim” in your data to discover the optimal representation for interoperability and truth synchronization across diverse and disparate systems of record.Rapid iteration toward clarity about how the data from multiple sources can be integrated into a single “source of truth” that you can really use.
Full embrace of RDF/OWL and reasoning tools, but enhanced with concepts of time and truth that make data linking more meaningful in the context of long-term identity state management.Understand not just the current state of your data, but how it got that way, and, more importantly, how to prevent bad information from one source from corrupting good information in another. Data provenance is a first-class feature of DomainMaster!
Dual relational and graph-based representation of your data. Use SQL when that makes sense (for example, reporting is a mature use case for SQL), or SPARQL when you need more granular querying that benefits from the graph model.No need to abandon familiar SQL benefits while embracing the brave new world of the semantic web (aka, “linked data”).
Integrated scripting in your choice of familiar popular languages, each one optimized for the task of moving data seamlessly between systems of record.Developers of custom solutions won’t be forced into a single scripting language choice. Advanced developers can let the choice of language be dictated by the problem at hand. This means that they can hit the ground running with minimal learning curves and maximum productivity.
Ad hoc data sharing means both information and workflow can be decentralized between diverse collaborators over the Internet. This takes the original idea behind the semantic web to a whole new level!Work independently but collaborate freely and without fear knowing data exchange is happening transparently and over fully secure protocols and that you can fully control who sees what with granular permissions control.
Maintain 100% control of your local copy of data and integrate it with your existing systems of record without fear of being incompatible with others, who also have 100% control of their copy, and could be using completely different backend systems!

1US Patent No. 11,531,686