An Information Brokerage System Designed Today to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems.

ForeverDBTM is our patented1 information brokerage system designed today to solve tomorrow’s problems; no more retrofitting legacy technologies to solve problems that did not exist when they were created.

It brings a new and unique fact-oriented information model to bear on the problem of constructing and maintaining a source of truth over time, in a world where existing and external systems of record are incomplete, incompatible and often just plain out of sync with reality.

With ForeverDB, the actual domain events that matter are immortalized in journals designed for the rapid recreation and semantic interpretation of information over time. ForeverDB’s focus on time and truth as first-class dimensions of information management differentiates it from other, much looser, NoSQL technologies.

ForeverDB also provides the Master Identity Index, or MII, a unique identity mapping solution for maintaining representations of enterprise entity data across multiple systems of record. Identity mapping as a first class database feature also means you don’t have to invent one-off surrogate key solutions anymore. Data can be partitioned so that sensitive information is protected and unprotected information is naturally anonymized.

Eternal storage for the re-creatable history of domain events, stored in the language of the domain and linkable across multiple relevant journals.Never, ever lose data, ever again.
Long-term storage for the filtered, vetted truth according to which internal systems must align to be up-to-date. Data is stored in the language of the domain, and is designed to facilitate queries that can traverse time.Linking of data is entirely domain-driven and happens naturally over time.
Short-term storage for day-to-day operations to power enterprise workflows unencumbered by the limitations of existing or legacy systems of record.A single source of truth means data reconciliation is not between systems, but between each system and the truth. Creation of read and write adapters for this purpose follow consistent patterns and can be implemented a variety of ways depending on the exigencies of each system to be adapted.
Unidirectional data flow supports CQRS and other advanced architectural patterns.Queried information is returned instantaneously as an object graph at a point in time. This means snapshots of the known state of any entity in the enterprise can be obtained on demand in a single query.
Master Identity Index for relating data across systems and providing a standardized approach to anonymizing data stored in the cloud.Identity access and management that works in any enterprise, but adds a dimension of permissions suitable for entities that need to share their data with external organizations as well (as is often the case in service-related industries like healthcare and finance).
Data encrypted at rest and in flight. Eternal storage for the re-creatable history of domain events, stored in the language of the domain and linkable across multiple relevant journals.Enterprise security all the way down, from the ground up.

1 US Patent No. 11,531,686