Apex Announces Issuance of Patent on its Enterprise Interoperability Technologies!

On December 20, 2022, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent No. 11,531,686 to Apex Data Solutions, LLC for Enterprise Interoperability Solutions, entitled “Computing System Providing Blockchain-facilitated Semantic Interoperability Between Multiple Disparate Systems of Record (SORs) and Related Methods”.

The technology embodied in these patents is the basis of our pre-release technologies, DomainMasterTM and Unify!TM, which we are currently testing in ongoing Use Cases.  These technologies target enterprise interoperability and will revolutionize not only how systems of record sharing the same information are aligned, but how those systems of record reconcile new information and propagate that new information to all affected systems of record.  We achieve this by taking a novel approach, using architecture as the catalyst for achieving interoperability, which does not require replacing legacy systems, hard-mapping data elements from one system to another or even knowing the language of each other! Interoperability will no longer be limited to the current process of API push-pull calls and barriers caused by differences between code bases will be eliminated. Using an immutable Single Source of Truth where our novel blockchain implementation transacts change in data without losing the original data, the propagation, curation and use of data is expanded to allow for reliable artificial intelligence opportunities as well as the sharing of data across organizational boundaries.