Apex Data Solutions sponsors new VistA.js Workgroup

On April 18, OSERHA launched the VistA.js Workgroup sponsored by Apex and established around the VistA.js product, which Apex delivered into Open Source under an Apache 2.0 license. 

The mission of the Work Group is to establish an Open Source community focused on enterprise architecture platforms and point-of-service data reconciliation, developing future-proof solutions that transform the raw digital data collected during provider-customer encounters into structured, usable data that materially enhances future interactions. The Workgroup seeks to enhance and evolve not only VistA.js, but the concepts of data federation and the democratization of data embodied in the VistA.js product. 

This community Open Source effort will also extend outreach at the OSEHRA Summit where Work Group members will participate in interoperability round tables, chair open source tracks, and provide presentations.

To find more information about the workgroup please click on the link below.