OSEHRA VistA.js Work Group demonstration of the VistA.js platform now available online.

Tampa, FL (September 19, 2016) Apex Data Solutions, a pioneer and leader in enterprise architecture, interoperable platforms, point-of-service data capture, data management, and data federation solutions, announced today that the OSEHRA VistA.js Work Group demonstration of Apex’s VistA.js platform is now available online.

Guy Esten, Director – Portfolio Management & Open Source at Apex Data Solutions, the OSEHRA VistA.js Work Group Chair, and who hosted the online event stated, “Our team’s demonstration of the VA’s Medication Reconciliation & Allergy Review (MRAR) application, the first VA consuming application to take advantage of the Vista.js platform, was an unqualified success. I know it was an eye-opening experience for some of the attending open-source community members as they witnessed the MRAR application working seamlessly with the Vista.js platform to retrieve and display data from multiple VistA instances in real-time.”

VistA.js is an open-source Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform that enables federated access to data which is stored across multiple data sources, allowing consuming applications like MRAR to display a cohesive view of a patient’s medical data at the point of service. Developed by Apex Data Solutions, the VistA.js platform is currently in the pilot phase at five (5) VA sites, with a VA national rollout planned for FY17.

The recorded demonstration is available for streaming or downloading from:
Osehra VistA.js Workgroup Demo

About the OSEHRA VistA.js Work Group

The mission of the VistA.js Work Group is to establish an Open Source community focused on enterprise architecture platforms and point-of-service data reconciliation, for the purpose of developing future-proof solutions that transform the raw digital data collected during provider-customer encounters into structured, usable data that materially enhances future interactions.  Established around the VistA.js platform delivered as Open Source under the Apache License Version 2.0, this Work Group will provide guidance for the enhancement and evolution not only of VistA.js, but the concepts of data federation and data democratization embodied by the VistA.js platform.