Phase 1 Provider Directory Data Accuracy Use Case Final Demos for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

In this demo, we show a representation of the Single Source of Truth (“SSoT”) as referenced in CMS’s October, 2022 RFI.  We incorporated 10+ years of CMS’s historical Provider data representing over 11+ million discrete NPI updates to create representation of the SSoT. Not only does the SSoT track both change and state over time and the SSoT, it also plays a key role in aligning data across multiple systems of record in near real time. While this demonstration of the SSoT focuses on Provider Directory data, any data, including, but not limited to clinical data, can be included in the SSoT.

In this demo, we show the Reconciliation and Change Propagation round trip, where updated Provider data is: (i) reconciled against a target Master Database, (ii) transacted to the SSoT and (iii) propagated from the SSoT to the downstream Systems of Record that know about the identity of the Providers whose information has changed. The initial round trip is demonstrated using a targeted subset of Provider identities. To demonstrate the scalability of our approach, we demonstrate the round trip using one of CMS’s weekly provider data updates containing 28,105 Provider identities.

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