VistA Services Assembler pilot and Initial Operating Capability (IOC) rollout

G2X TAKE: Following the announcement that this rising health technology player had recruited the VA Director for the Corporate & Patient Flow Portfolios and previous Director supporting DOD/VA IPO and EVEAH, Apex Data Solutions received word this week that they were awarded a fixed-price, noncompetitive 18 month contract valued at $51.1 M for the Veterans Point of Service (VPS) VistA Services Assembler VistA JavaScript Pilot and Initial Operating Capability Rollout (IOC).

This is a huge win for this small Florida based company who claims a whopping 10 employees connected on their LinkedIn profile. That number will not be that low for long as Apex is actively seeking to hire program coordinators, developers, technical writers, quality assurance specialists, test engineers, and other positions to support this endeavor, as noted on their profile.

A major focus for Apex is point-of-service data reconciliation and the development of solutions for transforming raw digital data collected during provider-customer encounters into structured data from any customer encounter. #onetowatch