Acceλerate for Microsoft 365

$99.00 / year for 1 year with a 30-day free trial

Acceλerate for Microsoft 365 is a power-packed, productivity add-in tool for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Excel 2016 and higher that helps you create reusable, readable, and recursive functions to transform your desktop data silos to digital assets for individuals as well as for enterprises.



Turn the data silos trapped in your document artifacts into living, communicating, computing services! 


Imagine being able to…

  • Craft reusable, user-defined functions in a human-readable, human-extensible syntax based on a recursion-friendly, Turing-complete language.
  • Put that malleable, friendly language on top of the Common Language Runtime (CLR)—making every framework and library in .NET CLR’s vast ecosystem easily accessible at your fingertips as you work in the usual way with Excel!
  • Implement computations that far exceed what can ordinarily be done in a deterministic spreadsheet paradigm, while using Excel’s existing recalculation engine.
  • Use a technology that complements Microsoft’s vision for making its formula expression language fully functional with a companion language that can reach outside the confines of the spreadsheet, for plug-and-play use right inside the comfort of your everyday Excel tools!
Power-packed productivity features include:
  • Visual Scheme for ApplicationsTM  (Visual Scheme® ,VSA®): Implement reusable business logic flexibly, and in the widest possible variety of scenarios, using one of the simplest yet most moldable standardized scripting languages ever invented.
  • A fully integrated Read-Eval-Print Loop (or “REPL,” pronounced “repple”) for rapid feedback and simple testing of new functions as you work on them.
  • A powerful, easy to use Lambda Editor for crafting short scripts that can tap into vast libraries in Scheme with direct access to any .NET library you might want to use.
  • Console debugging log to see output during calculations.
  • External REPL for long-running or batch scripting at the command line.
  • Enhanced Spreadsheet Functionality with “true” Lambda functions:  Break outside the constraints of the traditional spreadsheet paradigm while empowering users to create reusable, user-defined functions in a human-readable, human-extensible syntax based on a recursion-friendlyTuring-complete language, right into your Excel workbook!

If you use Microsoft Office 2016* or higher, you can take your spreadsheet modeling and solution development to a whole new level today with Acceλerate for Microsoft 365!

*Currently Acceλerate for Microsoft 365 is compatible with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Excel 2016 and higher.  Compatibility with earlier versions of Excel will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

**Click on the Additional Information Tab for System Requirements and Prerequisites


Additional information


Acceλerate 365


Microsoft 365, Microsoft Excel 2016 or higher, Compatibility with earlier versions of Excel will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10 and higher , (At this time, Acceλerate for Microsoft 365 is not compatible with iOS)

Supported Browsers

Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

System Minimums

RAM minimum – 8 GB, Disk Space: 290MB


.NET, Microsoft Edge WebView2, Windows Terminal

License Information

One license per user


One activation per license

Virtual Machines

Not usable in virtual environments at this time