Apex BlockSync™

Apex BlockSync™

The Distributed Transactor of the Interoperable Web

A mission-critical component of Apex Unify!, Apex BlockSync is a revolutionary new way for organizations in common, usually service-oriented domains to share data in real-time without the usual hassles associated with point-to-point integration of IT systems.

Apex BlockSync uses blockchain technology in a novel way with Apex ForeverDB to enable enterprises to define local and shared “journals” of domain events, defined and captured in the language of the domain, such that each organization can see only what’s relevant to them, but have access to everything when it becomes relevant.

As either information or relevance change over time, each organization can reconstruct a single source of truth sufficient to align internal systems with this “agreed upon” reality, and where these versions of truth conflict either with each other or with internal business rules or regulations, these conflicts or discrepancies can be dealt with in a way that ensures all participants in the network benefit immediately from their resolution.

Apex BlockSync avoids many of the complexities of solutions based on the bitcoin model, which is wholly inappropriate for the domain-relevant aspects of data exchange (focused narrowly if not exclusively as they tend to be on the monetary aspect). This is not to say bitcoin and related innovations can’t impact the domain – just that they are kept orthogonal to the more fundamental problem of resolving the domain facts about an entity shared by more than one service organization.

Apex BlockSync patent-pending technology has many uses in healthcare and finance, and combined with ForeverDB’s universal schema for service-oriented business domains, promises to provide interoperability not just between systems within a given domain, but across system in any service-oriented domain. This is because the core schema is based on a view of reality that is universal and applicable to any service vertical, with a mapping strategy that is based on a unique information model that is time savvy, schema-fluid and easily applied by subject matter experts with little or no programming experience required.


  • Secure, domain event journaling suitable for sharing across organizations.
  • Powerful universal schema capable of mapping service-oriented domains with uncommon ease.
  • Distinguish between “local” and “shared” journals and make aligning internal systems with a shared “source of truth” something that can be mostly, if not completely, automated.
  • Combined with Apex Unify!’s ForeverDB, Synchronicity, and TeamCollaborate, Apex BlockSync can make interoperability a part of the “woodwork of things,” that is, part of the enterprise architecture, instead of the subject of countless point-to-point integrations.


  • No more point-to-point ad-hoc integrations. Period.
  • No accidentally sharing trade secrets. Clear and explicit delineation between shared and local truth.
  • No one-size-fits-all security. Your internal authentication and authorization rules ensure you retain maximum control over how data is viewed internally in every scenario.