Apex Team Collaborate™

Apex Team Collaborate™

Point-of-Service Workflow Technology Designed for the Coming Age of Interoperability.

Apex Team Collaborate™ is a workflow management solution designed to be portable across domains that are based, however abstractly, on the concept of a service encounter. Wherever a team of service-providers are engaged in delivering a service or product to a recipient of that service or product, Team Collaborate™ offers unique features for transcending the limitations of your disparate IT systems when used as part of an Apex Unify!™ implementation.

In particular, Team Collaborate takes profound care to ensure that the full service context is preserved so that you can always rewind what happened, a kind of digital equivalent to service cameras that will empower you to improve your enterprise workflows in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Apex DocuMentor™ works atop Team Collaborate to provide scenario-specific user experience in collaborative reconciliation workflow sessions that are ideal for remote use cases, such as telemedicine.


  • Special support for enterprise data reconciliation workflows.
  • Full preservation of the service context at each change in the state of a service workflow instance, for auditing super-powers and automated compensation logic unlike anything possible previously and traditional BPMN-style workflow activities.
  • Integration with Apex Synchronicity to allow for automated creation of new workflow instances.
  • Direct access to a unified “source of truth” through integration with Apex ForeverDB.


  • Streamline business processes to eliminate duplicate data, correct erroneous data, or deconstruct conflicting data to ensure the “story” of your mission critical entities is always accurate and up to date.
  • Improved regulatory compliance in even the most regulation-heavy service-related verticals.
  • Enable workflows that transcend the limitations of any one source of enterprise data, making sure your systems are always aligned as change “happens” across the enterprise.
  • Be prepared for the coming era of interoperability, when real-time data exchange is real, and the need to vet new information to ensure orderly propagation of truth becomes paramount.