Apex Muse™

The most advanced scripting runtime engine available anywhere.

Apex MuseTM is an innovative new scripting engine designed for rapid, iterative development of industrial-strength enterprise micro-services as well as decentralized applications. It harmonizes the semantics of three very popular dynamic languages—JavaScript, Lua and ClojureScript. Apex Muse was designed from the beginning to be an enterprise-grade solution to empower developers to attack today’s big-data problems with the most cutting edge tools, techniques and methods.

Imagine JavaScript with mutlithreading or borrowing Lua’s continuation-passing concurrency. Imagine Lua and JavaScript with Clojure’s STM and CSP style concurrency. Imagine a ClojureScript that didn’t need a Java compiler or the additional tooling hassels of a CLJS that still can only be compiled to a “crippled” JavaScript on the server side. Imagine using LINQ in JavaScript or Lua or Datalog in ClojureScript to frisk XML, JSON and EDN documents.

If there is a single word to describe what Apex Muse is all about, it’s this: Imagine.

Like Apex PerseusTM and Apex AthenaTM, Apex Muse is part of both Unify!TM and DomainMasterTM, so if you use either of those, you already have it.

COMING SOON: New languages are easy for us to add to Apex Muse, and we are excited to announce that soon Apex Muse will also support Elixir and our very own Raptor language, both of which are inspired by Erlang and Haskell and support more “pure functional” semantics.


  • Apex Muse combines the best of three powerful and extremely popular scripting languages into one amazing runtime designed from the ground up for fast, efficient functional programming.
  • JavaScript on Apex Muse is unshackled by the constraints of “ECMAScript” and borrows capabilities from Lua and ClojureScript—adding depth of features to its breadth of developer reach.
  • Lua on Apex Muse brings expressivity to Lua’s famous speed advantage over most popular scripting runtimes.
  • ClojureScript on Apex Muse is no longer handicapped by traditional JavaScript’s lack of support for multiprocessing. This means that refs with STM and agents work as they do in traditional Clojure on the JVM.
  • Apex Muse is a pure bytecode scripting engine designed for cross-platform compatibility. Although embeddable, it’s really designed to run standalone microservices and decentralized applications.
  • Read-Eval-Print Loop for interactive testing and rapid development.


  • Rapidly create data-rich solutions with unparalleled expressive power.
  • The benefits of Node with none of the limitations of traditional JavaScript.
  • Ideal for n-tier distributed and decentralized applications of the future.
  • Available for embedding as a DLL in any language that can import functions using standard C calling conventions.