Acceλerate™ for Microsoft 365

The only Microsoft Office add-in you’ll ever need for writing any custom function you can imagine.


  • Facilitate test-driven development of Scheme libraries with the new (visualscheme unit-testing) library.
  • Simplify reading data from large, complex CSV files with the new (visualscheme data delimited-text) library
  • Connect to ADO.NET drivers with the added (visualscheme data ado-net) core library.
  • Use our wrapper of the Microsoft.Data.Sqlite library in the new (visualscheme data sqlite) Scheme library to:
    • Re-use existing or create new lambdas as custom functions in SQLite’s flavor of SQL 
    • Create local SQLite databases you can access natively right from within Excel
    • Use our SQLite wrapper library as an example of how you can create your own specific wrappers to your favorite ADO.NET drivers
  • Basic RDF data querying capability has been added via (visualscheme data rdf sparql).
  • Simplified interaction with COM APIs by using an enhanced (visualscheme apps com-utils) library.
  • Improved interaction with important Excel API objects by extending (visualscheme apps excel) – especially worksheets, cells and ranges, and related events.
  • New microservices capabilities including simple routing with a basic web service front end via our extended (visualscheme web server) library.
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What is Acceλerate for Microsoft 365?

Acceλerate™ for Microsoft 365 is an add-in to Microsoft Office (compatible with Office 2016 through Microsoft 365) that introduces a powerful new paradigm for writing user defined functions in a proven functional programming environment that supports rapid, iterative development of math and data intensive models that far exceed what can ordinarily be done in the confines of the spreadsheet’s computation engine.

Acceλerate for Microsoft 365 brings the power of Scheme—a simple, small and entirely malleable language in the venerable Lisp tradition implemented on top of the Common Language Runtime (“CLR”), with full access to everything it has to offer— right to your fingertips with four new built-in functions that interface both the language and the platform into Excel* with first-class tools, techniques and methods that will change how you think about and use spreadsheets.

Power-packed productivity features include:
  • Visual Scheme for Applications (VSA): Implement reusable business logic flexibly, and in the widest possible variety of scenarios, using one of the simplest yet most moldable standardized scripting languages ever invented.
  • A fully integrated Read-Eval-Print Loop (or “REPL,” pronounced “repple”) for rapid feedback and simple testing of new functions as you work on them.
  • A powerful, easy to use Lambda Editor for crafting short scripts that can tap into vast libraries in Scheme with direct access to any .NET library you might want to use.
  • Console debugging log to see output during calculations.
  • External REPL for long-running or batch scripting at the command line.
  • Enhanced Spreadsheet Functionality with “true” Lambda functions:  Break outside the constraints of the traditional spreadsheet paradigm while empowering users to create reusable, user-defined functions in a human-readable, human-extensible syntax based on a recursion-friendlyTuring-complete language, right into your Excel workbook!

* Note that support for Access, Word and other Office applications is on the near-term roadmap! 

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Why do I need it?

Increase your productivity and multiply your return on your investment in Microsoft 365 and legacy Microsoft Office applications with the ultimate add-in by using Acceλerate for Microsoft 365 to create reusable, readable, and recurring functions to transform your hard-drive bound document artifacts into “live” digital enterprise assets!

Acceλerate for Microsoft 365 extends Excel’s power and reach by integrating the two diverse worlds of the .NET runtime and the Scheme programming language right into Excel, enhancing Microsoft’s current LAMBDA efforts by providing a powerful Turing-complete solution. It aligns with Microsoft’s stated objective to evolve the Excel formula-based environment into a more conventional and mainstream coding language while also offering new opportunities for VBA solution developers to expand their enterprise value through Acceλerate for Microsoft 365’s Visual Scheme for Applications. Acceλerate for Microsoft 365 adds real extrinsic value through its parallel capability focused on making technologies outside of Excel accessible within it.

With Acceλerate for Microsoft 365, you will no longer be:
  • Limited to the functions that come with Excel. Using the depth of already existing solutions in Scheme (the language) or the vast ecosystem of libraries written in many languages for the CLR (.NET), you can create your own functions and formulas to achieve the goals and meet your specific requirements.
  • Limited to the confines of one spreadsheet. With these two worlds of proven solutions at your fingertips, you can create models and data that interoperate across your enterprise with unprecedented ease.
  • Limited to the tools within VBA. Incorporating Scheme with .NET provides new first-class language that has a simplicity and ease of use with power and extensibility.  
  • Limited, period. It’s your data, your spreadsheet, and now — it’s your language, on your terms, with the unlimited power of the .NET runtime.
Acceλerate for Microsoft 365, powered by Visual Scheme for Applications, expands VBA Solutions Developers’ Roles

Acceλerate for Microsoft 365’s initial release is aimed primarily at Excel users who are currently also exploring Microsoft’s LAMBDA functions. However, VBA Solution Developers are encouraged to explore the use of Visual Scheme for Applications and how it will give them the opportunity to expand their solutions and services. Future releases of Acceλerate for Microsoft 365 and Acceλerate Pro will integrate VSA and VBA with the entire Office suite, expanding the role of VBA Solutions Developers.

Acceλerate™ Pro will allow VBA Solutions Developers to:

  • Harness the full power of the .NET Framework, currently only accessible via intentionally created COM wrappers, by using Visual Scheme for Applications to script .NET in a clean, functional way without the need to create COM objects. 
  • Use Visual Scheme’s macro (or “syntax extension”) system to achieve flexibility not available to VBA or .NET developers. Following Visual Scheme’s  naturally functional paradigm and programming style removes the need to think about objects. It’s all about the data, even when the code is data.
  • Any event handler you implement in VBA against forms, reports, or Excel itself can call into Visual Scheme and perform almost any computation you can imagine—not just in the spreadsheet, but in your code! You can also write Lambda expressions that interact with your VBA code in ways you couldn’t even contemplate doing in the past.

With the integration of Visual Scheme for Applications and Visual Basic for Applications, the door is opened for VBA Solutions Developers to assist their clients with their move forward to the Cloud.

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