With Acceλerate your old Access and Excel artifacts based on proprietary data formats and functions become living, breathing microservices that speak the business language of your domain. Ad-hoc batch files that consume CSV files and produce SQL of some proprietary dialect or another become web endpoints that are queryable in real-time in SPARQL, the original GraphQL (with logic programming benefits).

You may need Acceλerate if:

  • You are an everyday, small business, or power user of Office and have concerns about losing control of your data with any move to “the Cloud.” Never again feel pressured by big tech or out of control of your data!
  • You are an Office solutions developer with clients who have hired you to build custom solutions on top of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and are curious to explore alternative paths to the cloud or are just looking to modernize solutions you’ve built so they can “play nice” in the new world of distributed data.
  • You are an enterprise Office user or administrator who is struggling to integrate Access databases and Excel spreadsheets spread out across your IT landscape into your company’s Enterprise Data Model and governance process.
Acceλerate  is much more than meets the eye!

Under the hood Acceλerate exposes three powerful technologies in one unified value proposition:

Visual Scheme for Applications – An innovative new scripting environment for advanced automation of both Office applications and, well, anything else you can imagine. Like Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), but with cross-platform reach through the .NET Framework and .NET Core, and even a simple Node.js-like network programming capability. This is truly a “batteries included” value proposition!

Also, as part of the deep integration of VSA into the Office suite, you will be able to extend your spreadsheets with true “lambda” function capability, similar to MS’s upcoming release of the new LAMBDA function, but unconstrained by the boundaries of the workbook, and with complete access to custom business logic you or a VSA developer implements for you to make your business logic easy to use (and re-use!) everywhere Accelerate runs. Which is everywhere–even in the spreadsheet!

AccelerateDB – Linked Data, also known as the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the Semantic Web, will help you to facilitate data interoperability on a scale previously unimagined. AccelerateDB offers flexible storage options and integrated query capabilities that simplify even the hardest legacy application modernization scenarios.

The Domain Linked Data Explorer feature will allow you to work in an iterative fashion with data of all shapes and sizes to define the “business language” of your domain on a foundation that makes sharing that data, both individually and across organizational boundaries, easier than ever.

Instant Linked Data Web Services – Leverage data in your Access databases or business logic in your Excel spreadsheets as first-class web resources in both the traditional REST sense, as well as graph data endpoints similar to the popular GraphQL, but much more flexible.

Watch in amazement as your spreadsheet model is transformed into an RPC endpoint or your Access data suddenly interoperates with any other service in the cloud, or on your private network!

Visual Scheme for Applications (VSA)Implement reusable business logic flexibly, and in the widest possible variety of scenarios, using one of the simplest yet most moldable standardized scripting languages ever invented.
Enhanced Spreadsheet Functionality with “true” Lambda functionsBreak outside the constraints of the traditional spreadsheet paradigm while introducing what feels like “alien” super-power technology, right into your Excel workbook!
AccelerateDB Domain ExplorerDiscover the “business language” of your domain, and shape your data over time for maximum interoperability—all the time.
Linked Data Microservices “All the Way Down”Be ready to deploy interoperable solutions to anybody’s cloud. Maybe even your own! YOU control how and where your data is shared.